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NanoBlaster is based on the 3D Lucasarts ATARI game BallBlazer (also known as BallBlaster).
The basic game idea is the same but there are a lot of cool gimmicks, obstacles and a Golden Goal Mode.
In addition to the original game where one and two player mode could be selected it is also possible
to watch one computer player fight against another computer player.
This is simply the ideal game for a boring office day. Just grab your co-worker and show him who's the real boss.

Main goal of the game:
Every player should try to hit the other player's goal.
The game is over when one player has shot 11 goals or when the time limit is over.
During gameplay some gimmicks can be catched by the players (see gimmicks section).
Additional obstacles are placed during gameplay as well.

Golden Goal Mode (only in 2 player mode):
If there is no decision after the time limit has been reached "Golden Goal Mode" is activated.
This means that the goals are resized to the initial size, all obstacles and gimmicks are removed
and the players are locked to their starting positions. Only rotating and shooting is possible.
A randomly chosen player gets the ball and he should try to hit the opponent's goal.
If he misses, most likely the other player will catch the ball.
As soon as one player has shot a goal the game is over.

Player controls and game settings:
See game intro screen.

Nitro Boost:
Boosts the player's speed and ball catching force for a certain time period.
Goal Shrink:
Shrinks the player's goal so that it's more difficult for the opponent to hit it.
A maximum of 5 balls are launched when this gimmick is catched.
Freeze Blast:
Gives the player the possibility to fire a Freeze Blast. If the player owns the ball firing the Blast is not possible.
If the player does not have the ball the Freeze Blast can be fired just as if the ball would be fired.
If the opponent is hit by the Blast he is freezed for a certain time period.
If this gimmick is catched a drone will be launched which tries to constantly bump into the opponent player.
Only one drone per player can be activated.
A Golem is a neutral player who catches the ball and puts it into the goal which is closer to him.
The Golem can be effectively used as co-player if he stays near to the opponent's goal.
Inverted Steering: 
Inverts left and right and forward and backward movement of the other player for a certain time period.
Player Switch:
Switches the players. This means that the blue player acts now as the red player and vice versa.
The goals, ball possesion times and Drones are switched, too.
(Only available in 1 or 2 player mode and only available for a few seconds.)

JRE/Java WebStart should be installed. (read more)

The game is a WebStart application. A security warning will be displayed because an untrusted certificate was used to sign the game.
We would have to spend money to get rid of this warning. But we don't wanna ...
Please accept this warning.
The only "evil" thing the application does is sending a usage report back to the server but this is for statistics only.
If you still have concerns starting this application a version without spooky warnings is available here.
This version uses the buggy windows timer (can cause more stuttering in the game) and does not send back the usage report.

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