What is WebNotes?

WebNotes is a lightweight online organizer. The idea is to have a simple-to-use organizer that can be set as your web browser's start page.
With WebNotes you can store your bookmarks, save TODOs or reminders and access them from every computer you are using (at home, at work, in an internet cafe, ...)
as long as it is connected to the Internet.
Supported languages are english and german.

Is it free?

Of course.

Is there a demo or something?

Yes, you can access the WebNotes test account here.
Feel free to play around as you like.

How do i start?

You can start right now by creating an account here.
If you already have an account the link below will bring you to the login page or directly to your WebNotes workspace (if auto-login is activated).

To set WebNotes as your browser startpage, please use this link: